Yog Sequence for home practice

Try to stay in poses. This sequence should be enough for an hour. Take your time focusing on breathing. Contact me for more questions.

1. Tadasan (Mountain Pose): Stand tall, feet well grounded and lifting up through the crown of the head. Legs and arms are strong.

2. Uttanasan (Forward fold) : Start in tadasan and on the exhale fold from the hip crease and pelvic bowl. If the arms don't reach the toes take blocks for support.

3. Adhomukhashwanasan (Downward dog pose) : Start with hands and knees on the floor. Lift up from the tail bone to stretch back towards the feet and up toward the ceiling.

4. Plank : Start with being on hands and knees. Engage the core, lift up from waist to think parallel to the floor. Push away from the mat.

5. Trikonasan (Triangle pose) : Feet wide, about 3 1/2 feet apart. Arms stretch, fold at the hip joint and reach for the floor or ankle. Push to twist open facing forward.

6. Veerbhadrasan 2 (Warrior 2) : Front leg at a right angle. Back leg stretched. Arms stretch to the side and turn the head to look over the shoulder.

7. Parshwakonasan (Side angle pose) : Start same as #6. Right elbow reaches for the right knee. Twist and the other arm stretches over the ear.

8. Prasarit padottanasan (Wide legged forward fold) : Feet about 4 ft wide. On the exhale fold from the hips. Feet parallel to each other. Reach for the floor. Back is elongated.

9. Paschimottanasan (Seated forward fold) : Sit tall, exhale to fold from the hip crease. Try to reach the toes.

10. Naukasan (Boat pose) : Start sitting on the floor. Lift up knees, hold behind the knees for support and balance. Keep on stretching the legs until straight.

11. Pawanmuktasan (Reclining fold) : Start on the floor laying down. Knees together toward the chest.

12. Shavasan (Dead body pose) : Lay down comfortably on the floor. Rest arms and legs, eyes close.