"Joining Himani’s Yoga class is a life changing experience for me. I always believed in yoga all my life, however, I started understanding the importance of each pose after joining Himani’s class. It is helping me with my chronic sciatica pain and acid reflux. It also helped me with stress and calm my mind. She teaches each form very well and patiently. I love how effectively she helps you build each pose of the asana. Her mantras are, your body your pose and practice every day. "

- Anushree Bhatkhande

"For years my mom told me to do yoga as exercise because of all it’s benefits and ofcourse being a teenager I wasn’t convinced. I got into doing yoga as a form of exercise in college because of my roommates. But I never quite understood how it helped until Himani Maushi became my teacher. She explains each and every basic move so well that you understand exactly how to do the “asan” and what to do to your body to achieve the pose.

Yoga with Himani Maushi has really been life changing. I was experiencing sever back and leg pain, acid reflux and stress due to a new and hectic job and yoga has helped alleviate all my issues. But more importantly Himani Maushi has taught me the power this type of yoga has on your body and mind. The benefits are tremendous and I encourage anyone who is looking to help heal their health/body issues, mental issues, stress or anyone who’s just looking to get their body moving to join this class. As someone who’s not a morning person, this is the only class I’m willing to wake up early for! Thank you Himani Maushi!" - Ankita Bhatkhande

"Last year I was suffering from multiple injuries like twisted ankle, knee sprain, bruised heel, frozen shoulder and jammed little finger :) It had caused my fitness level to go down and I couldn't cope up with playing cricket for 50 overs.

Then one of my friends, Sagar Jadhav, introduced me to Himani and since then I am practicing Yoga regularly under her guidance for the past 4-5 months.

I observe a steady and overall improvement in my fitness which helps me gain my confidence back. Even though she had asked at first, I haven't mentioned much about these injuries to Himani, but I think she figures it out on her own and that is the sign of a good teacher. "

~ Unmesh Deshpande

"Yoga has become an integral part of my day.

I started taking lessons with Himani about 6 months back. I was diagnosed with Herniated disc on my left hip and was in acute pain with my sciatic nerve pinching and pain radiating through out my left leg.

Himani patiently worked with me and showed me exercises to ease my pain. I attend classes with her weekly thrice and have never ever missed a single one. I prioritize my Yoga class over everything else as it is my saving grace at the end of the day.

She has great love for the art and is extremely patient. She ensures each one of us in the class are able to do the exercise and adjusts according to their needs and pain. Each day she has a separate routine for us. I love all the props that she uses in the class as there have been days where I am unable to do certain exercises and the props have helped me a lot.

Best wishes to her on her journey and may god continue to guide her in teaching all of us."

~ Revathi Sreedhar

I found Himani as a very good and caring teacher who explains each step of asan slowly and teaches every asan with step by step instructions. She considers each person's physical capacity or limitations and then teaches slowly the way Yoga should be practiced since it's not about the speed but the process how you develop the strength of your body. She is very detailed in teaching each asan step by step, explains it's advantages and makes sure her students follow proper practice. Above all, she is very passionate about being aYoga teacher who cares about her students even after the class is over. She follows up with them for any after effects or pain and changes in the student's yogasan routine. I found Himani most effective yoga teacher who helped me practice healthy exercise routine as per what my body needs!

Thank you Himani!!

~ Saylee Apte

As a very active sportsman, I recently started getting injured a lot and also felt fatigue in my muscles, along with tightness.

I reached out to Himani in order to fix this. Himani could easily figure out what was going on and I noticed a huge change in my posture, brought about a significant change in the way I played racquetball, I gained significant strength in my muscles hence the injuries went down to zero.

This motivation is enough for me to practice yoga for the rest of my life as her expertise has made me realize the power of yoga very clearly.

~Sagar Jadhav

Himani, Thank you very much for all your help in the yoga classes. Your detailed attention and the nitty-gritty have helped me a ton and am feeling great after many years. The sciatica pain I had for almost 15 years is almost gone now.

I visited my family doctor for a routine yearly check up and his first reaction to me was that I look much cheerful and healthy. That reaction from my doctor is a direct impact of what Yoga has done to me to get better and get rid of my back aches and sciatica pain.

Thanks a lot for your help.

~ Rohit Belgal

I am so thankful that I finally came to Himani at Rajas Yoga. Himani makes the class experience so comfortable and relaxing that I look forward to more classes each week. She explains the correct techniques and benefits of each pose and makes it easy to do with multiple props. Even if we don't get the complete pose, she uses appropriate props so that we get the full benefit of the pose. I am really really enjoying my yoga journey with Himani. She is also very calm and patient. Thank you Himani. I look forward to practice more yoga with you.

~ Shivina.

Me and my husband have been going to Himani's yoga class for the last couple of years. She is not only an excellent yoga instructor but also a wonderful person who emanates tranquility. Himani has a very well defined course structure, however she customizes it per student needs. She focuses on healing ailments from the root by leveraging the power of yoga. I have been benefited by yoga under Himani's watchful guidance for a few health issues I had. Every week I look forward to attending this yoga class. If you are looking for an hour of bliss, a gift of good health, I highly recommend attending Himani's yoga class.

~ Anjali and Shailesh.

My current lifestyle is full of stress. I find it imperative to learn to minimize stress to unwind at the end of the day. I have come to appreciate Himani's Iyengar yoga class as a way to distress, unwind and quiet down. She has a great knack of incorporating the 'asanas' to help balance the mind. I particularly enjoy the use of various props. Himani's is a kindred spirit where her kindness is evident throughout the session. She goes our of her way to make sure the pose is correct and I am benefiting from the practice. Himani is very imaginative, comes up with a perfect sequence based on how my day is going. Thank you Himani for being a caring soul and sharing your yoga practice.

~ Jona.

Himani is a wonderful person to interact with. I know her as a friend, even before I started practicing yoga with her. I started having acute low back pain after my second child. Himani told me that she could try to help me with that, since she was a certified yoga teacher. I should say, there is a magic touch in a few people, they have the power to help heal. That's what I got with Himani. I was healed in just a few days and have been happily coming back as a regular yoga student for a few years now. She is a wonderful and caring person.